Creative director of LORRIVE

Lorena Rivero’s Vision

Lorena Rivero is a model, fashion designer, businesswoman and philanthropist known throughout Europe and the Middle East for her signature Amethyst collections.

Born in the festive country of Uruguay, she comes from a long line of high-end fashion with both her mother and grandmother taking a young Lorena to participate in beauty-queen competitions and fashion shows. It is through them that she had developed a skill for modeling and the affinity for style that would define her.

Also invested in the local fashion were her father and uncle, successful businessmen who were heavily involved in the country’s growing garment industry. Owing to them, she would find her own talents in business and develop her experience in the field. Therefore, it came as no surprise when she, like her mother and grandmother, became a successful young model in her teenage years, working with the most popular local brands.

Still, it would not be until a meeting with a local farmer that she would finally find the theme for her art going forward. Encountering this old man, she was gifted a beautiful piece of amethyst crystal that gave off such a wonderful energy and was so beautiful to her eye. The farmer had told her that the stone would pass on a positive spirit to whoever holds it, and that he would give it to her because he saw her inner-strength and the value of her beliefs. To Lorena, this was her theme; like the Amethyst stone, she aims to give off only positive feelings from her designs and desires to support those in need with her work. Determined to become involved in the creation of fashion beyond just modelling, she had travelled to Europe to begin her intensive education in the industry.

While still working as a model, she involved herself heavily in the art and fashion of Europe. In Italy she became familiar with creating designs, in France she educated herself in luxurious fabric, and in Spain she trained herself in business. However, the most important thing to her throughout this journey was that she was able to form lasting friendships. Friendships with talented artists, experienced designers, hard-working professionals, and the most well-connected businesspeople. To each, she treated like family, being a person of support and inspiration who was as strong and elegant as the amethyst she holds close.  Where many people have struggled alone, Lorena has instead built a community.

As time went on, she would not become only involved with the life of fashion but would instead make life of her own. Giving birth to three beautiful children, she has found new inspiration as a mother. But even with this priority in life, her projects were not put on hold. They have instead developed even further due to the positive influence of a younger generation in her life. Now seeking to build a legacy for her family, Lorena has initiated and found success in fashion.

Creating the LORRIVE brand, she and her team carry out her vision of providing high-class fashion to a high-class clientele. All of this while integrating the power of the Amethyst stone in her signature pieces. Proving a success, LORRIVE’s dresses and eveningwear have been featured in several magazines, websites, and articles, earning her several accolades in her field. Even now, she still looks to expand upon this success, looking to provide the elites of the Gulf with the choice of her designs.

Using her company, she aims to embolden today’s powerful females, providing styles that attract the careerwomen leading their industries, the socialites dominating the nights, and the matriarchs running their homes. But all is not just business, since Lorena sees no value in a brand that does not give back to the same world that had provided her with all its inspirations.

With this goal in mind, she supports several organizations aimed at preserving the environment, protecting children, and empowering women all around the world into being the powerful figures that can take care of both. To do so, she dedicates a large portion of her profits towards funding such organizations, even giving herself to these causes by attending international conferences and speaking on these issues. Ultimately, Lorena believes that business and philanthropy should go hand in hand, saying that those aiming to succeed in the first should always involve themselves in the second.

Interview to Lorena Rivero by Antonella Bigotto - published at Grazia Italia on March 21, 2019

Under the sign of the amethysts

She is a world citizen and with her brand, Lorrive, Lorena Rivero proposes a strong and feminine woman, multifaceted as a precious stone.

To Lorena Rivero, founder and creative director of the brand Lorrive, fashion is a passion cultivated since childhood. Born in Uruguay, she was really young when she followed her heart and moved to Paris to study design and take the first steps into the couture field. In Italy, she founds the beauty of craftsmanship and a way of living and working that won her heart. The collection of Lorrive is the mirror of her international experiences and of her personal style: strong, feminine and cosmopolite.

«My collection is designed to energize and boost everybody’s confidence, useful to face the everyday challenges» she explains to Grazia. «My ideal of woman is elegant, charismatic, seductive but never aggressive.»

The fabrics – soft, pleasant to the touch, and all Italian – are central to the task of enhancing the body and emphasizing the silhouette of women. Whether they are cocktail-dresses or everyday-dresses, lingerie or swimwear, positive energy acts as a leitmotif of Lorrive’s collections

«In all my creations there is always an evocation of the amethyst, a purple precious stone originally from my Country, that provides balance, strength, energy and selfawareness to the wearer. It can be presented as a button made with the multifaceted stone or as a colour palette, but it is always present this important talisman. Lorena Rivero says.»

Always travelling between London, Dubai, Paris and Italy, the stylist lives to the fullest and is the best testimonial of the brand. «I am an entrepreneur with many responsibilities, in charge of a mainly male team; in the spare time I like to participate to vintage cars rallies. But my heart beats faster when I get the chance to spend time with my children, and when I dance. Women have a thousand different facets, and I like to show all of them.»